Composting – biowaste – compost …

Organic waste – biowaste is actually kitchen waste. It represents one third of house waste and it is a valuable raw material for production of quality compost.

For the production of organic compost as raw material can be used fresh and dried remains of fruits and vegetables, egg shells, coffee sludge, tea filter bags, dead flowers (just not ones from the flower shop where pesticides are used in their plant), straw, mown grass before seaweed, leaves, wood, paper and cardboard that is not colored with artificial colors and does not contain lead, waste from production of beer wine etc. The diverse composition of the starting material, the compost is richer in nutrients.

In the production of compost should not be used:

–         Materials that can not be broken down naturally – plastics, glass, porcelain, wrought objects, paints, varnishes, machine oil and the like.

–         Diseased or plants that are attacked by pests

–         Lemon, orange or banana peеl

–         Feces of people, dogs and cats

–         Detergents and other hygiene

–         Seaweed weeds

–         Drugs and pesticide residues

Best results are got if biowaste is biologically processed in place of its occurrence. Such a procedure is called composting and means aerobic decomposition of biowaste, which creates: carbon dioxide, nitrogen, water, heat and compost as end product. The rate of decomposition depends on the chemical composition, primarily carbon versus nitrogen ratio, and the living conditions of organisms – heat, water, oxygen and pH. In other words, composting represents the enzymatic breakdown of organic matter. The enzymes produced by microorganisms are doing naturally.

In the last 10 years, many countries in Europe due to large amounts of organic waste, and because of its ease of conversion into humus, paid great attention to the composting process.


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