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Paper – recycle!

Recycling is the separation of materials from waste and their reuse. Include collection, separation, processing and manufacturing of new products by already used objects and materials. It is very important to make proper separation of waste so that many materials can be reused if they are collected separately. Without involvement of recycling in everyday life, it is difficult to imagine the process of waste management.

What can be recycled? All material in their composition paper, glass, cardboard, aluminum, iron, ceramics, plastic (polymer materials), etc.


Paper is produced by processing of wood by means of various chemical and that process do destruction of large areas of forests and pollution of the environment. The collection of old paper and its recycling contributes to:

  • Less environmental damage
  • 60% Energy savings compared to getting a paper from wood
  • 15% Less water consumption in terms of getting the paper from wood

In the countries of European Union annually are processed in between 50-60% of waste from which most concerns the metal processing industry. It is followed by recovery, recycling and re-manufacture of paper and therefore the collection and selection of old paper (that is basic raw material in the process) is one of the best organized. In addition to recycling paper significantly affect the environment in a positive direction, also this kind of treatment could be a profitable business, too. Austrian group “MM”, which covers more than 60% from the European market (where annually about 1.5 million tons of different types of cards) the biggest part of the business incude manufacturing from recycling. Also producer “RENO DE MEDICI” delivers annually about one million tons of cardboard packaging.

Fast and simple way of recycling – only 15-30 minutes from cardboard to paper for reuse

Most widespread method to recycle used cardboard boxes for packaging of drinks is the process of separating the fibers in factories for recycling paper. The process includes placing the paper and boxes in large barrels with water and their mixing. With this proces fibers can split and the paper is cleaved very quick. The fibers soak up water and turned into a great mixture of water/soaked fibers. All non paper elements such as plastics float on the surface or sink to the bottom, so they can be easily removed by scraping or sieving through a sieve. This process usually takes 15-30 minutes and draws most of the fibers. The obtained fibers can still be used for the production of newspapers, paper bags, paper handkerchiefs, rib-cardboard box and so on.

What types of paper can be recycled?

All types of notebooks, notepads, written sheets of paper, magazines, newspapers, advertisements and flyers, paper copy in color, envelopes, cardboard boxes, cardboard wrapping, carton bags, all types of cards from purchased products in a retail and wholesale, paper packs from milk, yogurt, juices and so on and so on.


1. Recycle paper – do not dispose newspapers! With recycling of collected paper from your home or office you will save destruction and cutting of trees!

2. Recycle paper – processing and recycling of old paper use 15% less water. Some data indicate that recycling one ton of office paper, we save 17 trees, 4.200 kilowatts energy and 32.000 liter of water!

3. Make a selection of paper from glass, plastics, metals, organic waste and dispose it in special bins solely for the paper. That will be your contribution in managing paper waste – sending it to the recycling place, not on the landfills!

4. Use paper products several times!

5. Lobby for the adoption of laws on compulsory selection and recycling of waste paper!

Author is member of Greener,

graduate engineer technologist – polymer engineering.


** This blog post is Greener’s contribution for

     World paper free day 2011

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