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Food Sovereignty

After returning from the European Forum for Food Nyeleni held in Krems, Austria, the most asked question that I refer when talking about the experience of the forum and there was:

What exactly The Sovereignty of Food means?

Food Sovereignty (FS) represents the right of people for healthy, quality and environmentally safe food that is not genetically modified and it is produced through environmentally sustainable methods, or more specifically, methods which do not destroy nature, its resources and biodiversity. It focuses on sustainable and honest relation to nature.

FS puts interests and needs of smaller manufacturers, distributors of food, as well as those who consume it on the highest level. Sovereignty creates a strategy to counter the current corporate trade and creates an opportunity for local consumers and producers in agriculture, livestock and fisheries to make decisions. Priorities of FS are put on local and national economies and markets, strengthening of family agricultural production, improving the working conditions of producers and distributors. At the same time care and protection of consumer rights, the right to control their food and the right of healthy food.

FS has a wider dimension – it is based on and respects basic human rights. Its purpose is to provide the right to use and manage land, water, seeds, livestock and biodiversity. It implies new social relations without oppression and inequality between genders, generations, nations, racial groups, social and economic classes. Through it people get the right to democratically define their own food and agricultural systems without causing harm to other people or the environment.

Have you thought about food in this direction and whether you would like to be engaged in activities related to food sovereignty?

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