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We must preserve the forests …

Today, within the seventh action “Tree Day – Spring 2011” implemented under the motto “Let’s plant – today stay away from politics”, were planted about three million trees, covering 755 acres at 70 locations in 30 municipalities around the country.

It is interesting to note that the resolution of the General Assembly of the UN-number 61/193, 2011 was declared for International Year of Forests.

Over the last 200 years, man has destroyed more than half of world natural forest on the planet Earth. Fires represent one of the greatest threats to forests. They are common in summer, dry periods. Annual average in our country is around 615 hectares of forest destroyed by fire started by human negligence. The danger of this threat must be taken seriously and to intervene with programs for reforestation with species that are resistant to drought. But we also need to pay attention when dialing the types of wood in terms of soil, location, altitude and other factors.

Unplanned cutting of forests occurs as more common threat of forest. Last year we witnessed the unplanned cutting of our forest wealth – Molika in national park Pelister. Molika (Pinus peuce) is one of  endemic species in the Balkans and represents a tertiary relic. Pelister adverse events is not unique, unfortunately the same scenario happens in other mountainous regions in Macedonia. It is therefore necessary to prepare a program for treatment of forests and its full protection.

Forests play an important role in preventing erosion in the production of oxygen and reducing emission of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. They represent the natural habitat of many birds, insects, animals and plants. This symbiosis of living life is put at risk the destruction of forests. Every inch of this hidden world has its importance to the planet Earth.

Therefore, to urge the protection of forests, protection of our natural wealth for the future.

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