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ESENSEE network

On June 9, 2011 at the Hotel Ambassador, Skopje, was held round table discussion organized by ORT-Training for Sustainable Development. Name of the event was  “Shared vision for eco-social development” with guest lecturers from Croatia and Macedonia. Topics were Eco-social economy in Europe, Eco-social entrepreneurship and opportunities for introduction of eco-social economy in Macedonia.

Particular attention was paid on presentation of the project “ESENSEE – Eco Social Economy Network South and East Europe“, financed by the European Commission, which is the result of cross-sectoral cooperation for environmental protection, higher employment rate and quality of life.

Through the project, ORT together with partners from Croatia, Italy, Serbia and Kosovo, will work to increase economic growth and competitiveness on a sustainable basis, higher rate of employment growth in living standards and quality of life. The project aim is to promote new socio-economic holdings and responsible civil society organizations with new business in favor of the environment and social welfare. Expected result will be – produced extensive partnership network of organizations and institutions for social development of ecologically-social economies.

The event was attended by 20 representatives from the business sector, NGOs and local governments. The topic raised great interest and provoked a constructive discussion.


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