Environment is everyone’s business

European Mobility Week is being held for nine years and it is a huge campaign attended by over 220 million people (almost half ofEurope) so that the various ways an alternative mobility and the need of using various modes of movement and travel are represented with the goal – a healthy and productive life for all citizens. This year’s campaign is from 16 to 22 September. In celebration of the European mobility week direct participation have the Institute Razum from Sofia and 4x4x4 Balkan Bridges from Skopje with the support of the Balkan Fund for Democracy, through the project “Environment is everyone’s business” and the action which was built last few months in Macedonia and Bulgaria.

Besides the two leading organizations, by the Macedonian side significant participants in this action and representatives of civic organizations take a part – ORT Skopje, GREENER Skopje, FLOROZON Skopje, ISIGORIA Skopje, GO GREEN Skopje, Metamorphosis Skopje, LIPA Kumanovo, NATURA Lipkovo, OSOGOVO Kriva Palanka, Information Center Kriva Palanka, MAKMONATANA – National Office of UNEP in Macedonia, Balkan Foundation for Sustainable Development – BFSD, invited representatives from almost all political parties participating in the Assembly of the Republic of Macedonia, and most of the emphasis during this initiative will be put on the City of Skopje, the mayors of the municipalities of Kumanovo and Kriva Palanka, and local authorities from Kustendil, Pernik and Sofia.

One of the main goals of this campaign is calling citizens and local authorities for help in promotion, intensification and support of measures of local eco-initiatives with general interest for healthy and productive life of the citizens. The intensification and deepening of regional and cross-border cooperation between different participants from societies, especially the young and municipal institutions is part of the campaign too. Action which is entitled “Road Show” began in Skopje on September 19-th at the city square of Skopje and continues on September 20-th in Kumanovo and Kriva Palanka, September 21-st Pernik and Kustendil and ends on September 22-nd with the Regional Forum which will be held in the headquarters city of Sofia.


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