Friendship in the night …

On Saturday, 20.08.2011 I had the opportunity to meet Vodno mountain in a different light, or to be precise “without lights”. The organization Macedonian Owl Trust (MOT) and Dobra Voda-active for the second time organized night walk-around (starting from middle Vodno and climbing up to the Millennium Cross) and allow us to meet and socialize with three kinds of owls – Little Owl (Athene noctua Scop.), Barn Owl (Tyto alba Scop.) and Long-eared Owl (Asio otus L.).

I must say that this was my first contact with an owl. Because they are classified as birds of prey my first appeared feeling was fear mixed with excitement. Then came the admiration of the perfection of their feathers and curious eyes. Joy came when the bird stood on my hand and allowed me to caress her. Even then I realized that I actually do not know anything about them.

Those three wild birds were as real friends. We behave with respect towards them and they answered to all our wishes without indignation – they showed no aggression at all, they pose on our pictures, we were allowed to hug them, there was no problem going from one to another’s hand … as they were trying to show that our problem with them is in ourselves.

Night walk was an priceless experience. Motif more to pay attention to these birds. In the coming days I will write more about the lifestyle and the importance of owls. Your knowledge and experiences are welcome.

Let’s protect the owls …


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