Geothermal energy – future of energy …

Geothermal energy is one of the renewable energy sources and in different perspective is present everywhere. Environmentaly the most usable and economicaly most cost effective. To generate heat, which further turns the turbines of geothermal power plants, there is no need for burning any kind of raw material, which means that there is no pollution of the environment. In fact, there is heat coming from beneath the earth’s crust. It is important that geothermal power plants are built in locations where geothermal soureces are, which means there are no additional charges for transportation of raw materials, so that makes them quite economical. Geothermal energy can be relatively cheap to exploit. To receive the electricity from geothermal sources, source should be much more lucrative and water temperature to be higher. Just as information, the first geothermal power plant in the world is built in Larderelo, Italy, 1914th.

Macedonia in the center of geothermal largness

Republic of Macedonia is among the countries that are relatively rich in geothermal resources and it is one of the richest areas with geothermal waters of the Balkans, but utilization of this environmentally cleanest energy source is almost on the initial level. In Macedonia are recorded over 25 natural sources of geothermal waters with temperatures greater than 21 degrees, and there are 18 spots with thermal waters: Volkovo, Strnovec, Podlog, Krupiste, Istibanja, Trkanje, Banja, Smokvica, L’dzhi, Topli dol, Toplik, Mrezicko, Gornicet, Povishica, Dobrevo, Raklesh, Toplec, Deribash. Macedonia can ensure the production of significant amounts of electricity if more seriousely turns its interes at Kratovo – Zletovo volcanic area where in the depth of 6,5 to 9,8 thousand feet are huge amounts of warm water with a temperature of 120 to 130 degrees Celsius.

Macedonia is currently exploiting about fifty sites which mainly are concentrated in the southeast – Strumica, Kocani, Stip, Gevgelija, Kumanovo, Vinicko. As an opportunity for economic prosperity are available geothermal waters with a capacity of 1300 liters per second, and now used about a thousand liters. Kocani geothermal pool is the largest in the Balkans – the exploitation of about one million cubic meters annually, with a temperature of 76 degrees Celsius and saving of 4,000 tonnes of fuel oil.

Last month there was presentation on the project “Geothermal Energy in Macedonia – Kocani depression” in order to promote the geothermal potential with particular emphasis on Kocani Basin. According to the Strategy for using renewable energy sources in Macedonia until 2020, it is anticipated that the geothermal water will produce 400 to 440 gigawatt-hours of electricity.


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