Wind – an alternative energy source …

Wind is air movement. Wind power comes from the sun. When it warms, it heats the earth. Air over land becomes warmer than that over water. As warm air is easier it rises above in the atmosphere and cold air tends to take his place.

Wind energy is one of the oldest types of energy used from time immemorial. Today, wind energy is mainly used for electricity production. Wind is renewable and free energy source because the wind will blow as long as the sun shines and will never come to his deficiency.

Windmills in Macedonia – a healthy and environmentally friendly energy source
Macedonia is one of the countries that offer tremendous potential for energy from renewable sources. Foreign investors are largely interested in investments in windmills.

Southeast region is most suitable part of Macedonia to generate electricity by utilizing wind energy. Taken as an example, Ovce Pole region is a region where wind is a constant occurrence and an average strength of eight meters per second, which is no problem to move the windmill with a magnitude of two megawatts.

According to a feasibility study to build a Wind park, prepared under the CARDS program of the European Commission as the most suitable territories is taking the territory of the municipality Bogdanci. There are already announced that this autumn there will start to build the first Wind park. It would be an area of 29 hectares and would have 15 to 18 windmills, each with a capacity of 2 to 3 megawatts. The total planned annual production of electricity is more than 100 gigawatt / hours, and installed about 45 megawatts of power.

By investing in alternative energy sources besides the preservation of environmental quality that would decrease the import dependency of Macedonia electricity. On the other hand, Macedonia has an obligation to the European Union by 20 per cent of electricity production from renewable sources of energy, in the energy balance of the country.


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