We continue to care about water … about us …

Although today officially close the event ” Water week – blogging for water”, one of the events connected with World Water Day 2011, our water-related activities continue.

Unfortunately, even world public is more focused to the protection and conserving of clean water, that doesn’t reduce the number of those who pollute or irrationally use her. We are witnesses of the environmental catastrophes caused by people. Those destroy nature and natural resources. This directly affects humanity, but also the flora and fauna. Register of beautiful samples that are placed on the protection list and species disappearing forever from the Earth’s surface become wider every day. Figures that show how many people die daily due to lack of clean drinking water are frightening.

In the past week we tried to contribute a bit in raising awareness about the importance of water. We write that water is not only part of our everyday living and something everywhere around us, but it is actually most of us. We emphasize that caring for her, actually is care for ourselves.

We invite you to continue along with the activities of protection and saving water. We have a responsibility to future generations to prevent further dying of people for water, to stop disappearing of wonderful species of animals and plants from the image of the Earth. Let’s change our thinking and habits and make a contribution for better tomorrow…


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